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100 Thousand Human Faces Created By Artificial Intelligence That Never Really Existed

Artificial intelligence can create more realistic fake images every day. Now, a company, 100 thousand photographs consisting entirely of fake visuals presented to people for free. All they want is a place to be used.

We know that artificial intelligence can make people look real. Although these fake human images are very obvious at first, the situation is different now. Because some of the faces are incredibly realistic.

sahte yüz

sahte yüz

Another project where Artificial Intelligence demonstrates its ability to create non-human faces is the work of Icons8. Icons8 exhibits 100,000 portrait photos for free. It is completely free to use images with a link that says Alt generated photos ’below.

Konstantin Zhabinskiy seems to be the product designer of the project. Zhabinskiy says the project is still under development and some faces are wrong. For example, a model has a very irrelevant scar on the forehead. Nevertheless, the fact that he can make faces of different sexes, ages, and ethnic backgrounds makes artificial intelligence valuable.

Zhabinskiy, artificial intelligence obtained from the images obtained from the internet, not using the images they are trained, he said. The artist says that such an approach requires thousands of hours of work and says that the resulting product is worth all these problems.

The possibility that technology can be used for fraud and fraud is always an issue that attracts people’s attention. Although the Icons8 team presented it as a free tool, the realistic faces can be used by malicious people.

You can see the face samples in the video below.

100 Thousand Human Faces Created By Artificial Intelligence That Never Really Existed
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