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Apple has been sued over the patent of an app

Apple has filed a lawsuit on the grounds that the application of the Shortcuts infringes the rights of the patent.

A company called Aftechmobile sued the technology giant Friday at the US courthouse on the grounds that Apple had infringed the rights of 28 patents. In the case, Apple “violate the application of shortcuts and marketing” under the name of the 5th patent is declared to be in violation. This application allows users to create different shortcuts that can be used in many different applications.

apple shortcuts

Each task used to create a shortcut is called an ‘action. In the case, Aftechmobile describes these actions as ‘pre-coded software components ve and states that Apple’s Shortcuts have the same use as their patents. As an example, the claimant claims that “one or more of the pre-coded software components of claim 5, one or more of the aforementioned parts has been breached”.

In addition to suing Apple on Friday, Aftechmobile also sued Apple has not made an announcement to the public about the legal process to date. As for Aftechmobile, the company seems to have no ongoing business because the company’s website does not open.

The case says the company is located in Ashburn, Virginia, and there are only two employees listed on the company’s LinkedIn page. It’s really a question of what the company is trying to do.

Apple has been sued over the patent of an app
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