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Doctors Warning: Using a Telephone in Toilet Triggers Hemorrhoids

One of the most common habits of modern times is to spend time with the telephone in the toilet. Scientists pointed out that this situation is not healthy and creates a risk of hemorrhoids.

It is a familiar event that people do not leave their phones today. Telephones are a part of our lives that we say ne What were we doing without this?. In bed, in public transport, in between work we all look at our phones, even in the toilet.

Doctors said in a statement about this, using the phone in the toilet triggered hemorrhoids, he said. In fact, the cause of the problem to sit in the toilet more than necessary, but the phone lengthens the time spent in the toilet. So there is an indirect effect.

tuvalette telefon

Sarah Sitting too long triggers hemorrhoids, Dr said Dr. Sarah Jarvis. And in the past, some of us go to the toilet with a book, and now we go by phone. That’s why it’s very tempting to scroll the screen in your favorite applications while you’re doing your job, but doctors don’t recommend it. ”

Dr. Jarvis also recommends that those who want to avoid hemorrhoids add fiber to their diet, make sure they get enough fluids and exercise regularly.

Looks like the best thing to do is leave the phone somewhere while you go to the bathroom.

Doctors Warning: Using a Telephone in Toilet Triggers Hemorrhoids
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