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Electronic Cigarettes can kill more people.

The State of California, Tulare State Health and Human Services Agency reported the 7th death of an unidentified lung condition. Electronic cigarettes caused this disturbance also took its place among the reports.

Health officials in California, an unknown lung disease reportedly killed 7 times. Since this disorder was previously encountered in hundreds of people who smoked electronic cigarettes, seven deaths are thought to be caused by the electronic cigarette.

Deaths occur in people aged 40 years and older who have discomfort. Tulare State Public Health Officer Karen Haught said, “We regret to report that a citizen has died of a lung disease in Tulare State that we believe was caused by an electronic cigarette. This is the third case of lung disease in the state. Yap

Symptoms and injuries are very similar:

Elektronik Sigara
The injuries and symptoms in these cases have very similar traces. Usually, sick people in these cases have fever, diarrhea, difficulty breathing and severe chest pain. Local and regional health authorities warn people of such symptoms and say they are working on the issue.

In most cases, people’s condition is getting worse. Even hospitalized patients need artificial respirators to breathe. So far, 380 people in these lung diseases, 7 people died. This disease, which is usually seen in adult humans, is reported to affect some young people.

Electronic Cigarettes can kill more people.
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