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iPhone 11 Pro Max broken into pieces

Apple’s new flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max has been disassembled by iFixit. Inspecting the phone’s parts, iFixit also rated the ease of repair.

iFixit, as it does every year this year, Apple’s flagship device to see what has changed in their eyes with the latest model of the iPhone, the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s disassembled. The site explains that the phone has 4 GB of RAM and a 3969 mAh battery, the first time a Max phone uses an L-shaped battery.


What’s in the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

“There’s also a second battery connection on the iPhone for the first time, adjacent to the wireless charging coil, and we don’t understand what Apple’s purpose is, i said iFixit. iFixit has suggested that this additional battery connection may be relevant to some gossip before the phone is released. As with Samsung’s Galaxy phones, there are some rumors that AirPods can benefit from dual charging in this way. However, iFixit, Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max to increase the performance of the battery to hardware-related remarks about the addition, he added.

Another interesting point is that Apple uses a new barometric sensor and tries to minimize the heating problem of the phone in this way.

iFixit sells hardware parts by performing repair services to prevent waste and reduce environmental pollution. iPhone 11 Pro Max, as in older phones, the repair site, the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s just like last year iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max’s gave 6 out of 10 points.

The iFixit said that it would be easier to access the battery, adding that the entire case had to be changed in order to replace the rear window, which added to the difficulty.

iPhone 11 Pro Max broken into pieces
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