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iPhone cables, which can hack computers, have been put into mass production.

For the first time in the last months of the hacker cables that emerged behind the name of the security researcher MG, hackers can easily connect these lightning cables began to mass production and announced that soon will be put on sale.

The appearance of a newly emerging cable is just like Lightning cables, which are the charging cables of iPhones, but the real purpose is much different. The main purpose of a Lightning cable is to capture personal computers remotely. Worse still is the mass production of these cables.

MG, the security researcher, the developer of the cables, called these cables O.MG. MG’s cables can charge phones and transfer data seamlessly as an Apple cable does, but also include a wireless hotspot that a hacker can connect to. With this feature, hackers can run any commands on the computer and capture the victim’s files.

It was the first time it appeared last summer:

O.MG Lighting Kablo

MG, who introduced the cable at the Def Con Hack Conference for the first time last summer, said sistem It’s like being able to sit on the victim’s keyboard and mouse, but not actually their için. At that time, MG produced each of its cables by hand in about 4 hours and sold them for $ 200, but now the production process is much easier.

Hak5, the company that sells hackers and cybersecurity tools, says the cables are in mass production and will be distributed when ready. ’O.MG Cable is the result of months of work on a highly covert and malicious USB cable. As soon as the cable is plugged in, the cable can be controlled via the network interface inside. ”

Apple is said to have purchased cables for information, but there is no official explanation. In the coming days, we will see whether these cables are actually sold in mass production, but we are really curious about what the official dimensions of the work will be and whether they will be sold underhand.

iPhone cables, which can hack computers, have been put into mass production.
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