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Magnificent Purple Sunset Created by Volcano Burst

A purple sunset emerged as a result of the eruption of the Raikoke volcano in Russia. The resulting purple sky was caused by the aerosols that were thrown into the air from Raikoke.

The Raikoke volcano in Russia had recently exploded. Aerosols scattered in the air after the eruption of the volcano caused a purple sunset to emerge.

Lars Kalnajs and her team at the University of Colorado are working on the Raikoke volcano erupting in June. “It was a relatively small volcanic eruption, Kal said Kalnajs. But it was enough to impress most of the northern hemisphere. ”

Kalnajs and his team found that the level of aerosols released by the Raikoke volcano was 20 times higher than normal. More precise results of the explosion will be published in a science journal later in the year.

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There is no population area around the Raikoke volcano. The fact that people don’t live around the volcano has lowered the effects of Raikoke’s explosion. After the explosion of Raikoke about 13 km, the volcano’s ashes were thrown. The fact that this distance is low reveals that the volcano will not create a long-term danger.

“Big bangs are really important when we get data quickly, Kal said Kalnajs, a research team member. It is only with these data that we decide whether the explosion is or will be something that affects hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Lars Kalnajs said that even the purple sunset itself shows that even apparently isolated volcanic eruptions have global consequences. N A really big explosion would have a huge impact on humanity, Kal said Kalnajs. We need to be ready for this kind of explosion.

The eruption of the Raikoke volcano did not affect people, but it was a powerful eruption. The explosion of Rakioke was so strong that the explosion in June was captured by astronauts at the International Space Station. The volcano Raikoke is on a deserted island in the chain of the Kuril islands in the Pacific Northwest. The volcano erupted last in 1924.

Magnificent Purple Sunset Created by Volcano Burst
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