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The Creepy Facts Most Of Us Don’t Know About Titanic

One of the most tragedies that affected humanity is the fact that Titanic crashed into the iceberg and killed dozens of people. Have you heard that there are some facts that confuse the minds and make them say “no more”? Here are eight of them.

Although 100 years have passed since the tragedy, there are still many dark details and creepy realities. Here are some of them.

1-Musicians started to play their instruments as the ship sank

When the Titanic hit the iceberg, the captain ordered the onboard musicians to perform onboard to prevent passengers from attacking their life-saving boats. When it was understood that the ship was going to sink, they would say that the band concerts were over and say goodbye to the crowd. But they changed their minds. With the ship, they continued to play their instruments until they were submerged. This is actually a detail familiar to those who watch the movie Titanic.

2-It took a long time for Titanic to sink

The Titanic did not sink immediately after it hit the iceberg. Since the ship was of huge size, water began to fill from the part that was first splashed by the impact. Gradually the whole ship was buried in the water. It continued to sink for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

3-Not enough lifeguard boats

The ship was large enough to hold 64 lifeboats. If there were so many boats, all the passengers would be saved. But because the ship was thought to be a sinking ship, the ship designer had reserved only 20 lifeboats. In addition, each lifeboat had a capacity of 50-60 people. However, during the unloading of the ship, 20 people were placed on each lifeboat. So many people lost their lives in a terrible way, either by freezing or drowning.

4-Baker of the Titanic

Titanic at dusk, so that the passengers do not starve to the ship’s baker’s head gathered, rations prepared. He was supposed to be the captain of lifeboat 10. However, when the work was finished in the oven, all the lifeboats were exhausted. The baker who stayed here until the ship sank on it, lowered half a bottle of whiskey to his stomach for 2 hours and 40 minutes. When the sinking took place, he did not feel the icy water, thanks to the alcohol in his blood. At dawn he tried to get on a lifeboat, but there was no room even on the edge of the lifeboat. He waited for hours in the water below the waist clinging to the edge of this lifeboat. He finally got away with nothing in this accident.

5-The ship was not designed to sink

The Tit buoyant ship için for the Titanic was originally due to the design of the lower parts of the ship. The lower part was designed as eye-to-eye and isolated rooms. But there was a flaw; the water had infiltrated each other from these rooms. Also, at first, a room was completely filled with water, making one side of the ship extremely heavy and causing it to be pulled down.

6-There was a passenger who survived the ship accident before

They say, “Lightning doesn’t fall in the same place twice, but don’t take it seriously. On November 24, 1871, Raymond boarded one of two ships competing with each other to the Port of Montevideo. Raymond’s ship couldn’t stand the heat and the boiler room exploded. 65 out of 164 passengers survived the accident, others burned to death. After this incident, Raymond repented to board the ship, but when he saw the Titanic, he could not resist. He immediately got a ticket. When the accident took place this time did not get lucky.

7-Titanic was a huge size

This ship, which deserves its name, was huge. Approximately two football points in length, almost a floating candidate. Human history had never seen such a ship before. Enchantment in the face is quite understandable.

8-Titanic will be completely destroyed in 20 years

The Titanic has been inundated and rusted for over 100 years. A new bacterium called Halomonas Titanicae survives by eating these rusts. If this trend goes on, in 20 years, tiny bacteria will eat up the huge shipwreck!

The Creepy Facts Most Of Us Don’t Know About Titanic
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