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Trademark Registration Revealed For Vivo’s 6 Phones

A Twitter user, Nashville Chatter, published the trademark registration documents he claimed belonged to Vivo on the Internet. Vivo’nun 6 new phone name in the published document.
Vivo, one of the brands that recently shook the smartphone market, recently introduced its new phone, the V17 Pro. The Vivo NEX 5G’s AnTuTu score had arisen before the price-performance phone introduced by the Chinese manufacturer. The NEX 5G had 493,787 points on AnTuTu.

According to the latest documents on the Internet, Vivo’s NEX series will survive and new phones will be added to the series. According to documents released by Twitter, Nashville Chatter, Vivo received the trademark registration of 6 telephones, 3 of which belong to the NEX series. The registered phones were Vivo NEX Pro, Vivo NEX Neo, Vivo NEX Lite, Vivo iQOO Lite, VivoX Pro and VivoX Lite devices.

Vivo telefon

The resulting files give us clues about the series’s future phones. It also makes us think of the possibility that Vivo will be able to release a new phone with the NEX 3 5G.

The name iQOO Lite in the list is thought to belong to Vivo iQOO Youth Edition. Vivo’s NEX Pro and NEX Neo are also expected to be phones after the NEX 3 or a completely separate series.

VivoX Pro and VivoX Lite are the first to come. Vivo had already created the X, Y and Z series. Therefore, VivoX enhances the possibility that the phones will be available in the X series. Nevertheless, the registration of the trademark does not mean that we can encounter these phones in 3-5 months.

Trademark Registration Revealed For Vivo’s 6 Phones
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