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U.S. statement to inflame UFO controversy: images are real

The statement from the US navy about a video circulated on the internet in recent years and shown as evidence of UFOs seems to rekindle the debate. An army official said the video was a real video, but should never reach the public.

In December 2017 there was a UFO video that appeared everywhere, including the sites of leading media outlets such as The New York Times. This video contained a small, grain-like blackout. According to rumors, these images were taken by pilots of the US navy.

At that time, access to the new restrictions on the video, the intelligence site The Black Vault’ta came up. A spokesman from the US navy told the site that the images of this object were real and unidentified flying. (The word UFO is no longer used).

Don The navy calls the objects contained in these videos as unidentified air phenomena, Gr said navy spokesman Joseph Gradisher. ”.

So these comments do not show the aliens, nor the US navy does not confirm that the object is UFO. In general, they say that they see only one object and do not know what it is.

The Navy pursued the UFO before

abd ufo

After the emergence of the Pentagon documents, the US naval forces Anomalous Aerial Vehicles (AAV), which is called Abnormal Aircraft, it turned out that for years in search of privacy.

“The Navy didn’t make these videos public, Gr Gradisher said.

We don’t know much about the object seen in the videos, but even the official approval of the videos has caused a lot of surprises. Although military terminology changes, people are curious about such phenomena. The situation has become even more interesting, with the recent US military order to report when a strange object is seen in the airspace ”.

You can watch the video below.

U.S. statement to inflame UFO controversy: images are real
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