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Xiaomi to bring Family-Sharing feature with MIUI 11

With the Xiaomi interface update, the details of the future MIUI 11 continue to emerge. The company will bring the Family Sharing feature to their phones with this update. This feature will work with other Android devices and iOS devices.

Details of the MIUI 11 update, which Xiaomi will soon release on their devices, continue to be revealed. Last week we saw two features that will come with the update: Children’s Area and Earthquake Alert. The new feature that is now being introduced is the Family Sharing feature, which we are used to on the iOS platform.


This feature was already used by Apple for iOS devices. The feature that Xiaomi will bring will actually serve the same purpose. The Family Sharing feature is a feature that is brought to your phones so you can share information safely and quickly with your family. The most important detail that distinguishes Xiaomi from Apple is that it can work with almost any platform.

Works with Android and iOS platforms
Apple’s Family Sharing feature, which was available for their own devices, could only connect to devices with an iPhone or MacOS platform, so everyone in your family should have an iPhone, but Xiaomi does not enforce this event and can run the Family Sharing feature with Android and iOS.

The new MIUI 11 update will be officially introduced at Xiaomi’s event in China on September 24th. The company also plans to introduce the Mi MIX Alpha and Mi 9 Pro 5G smartphones.

Xiaomi to bring Family-Sharing feature with MIUI 11
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